Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starting Over Win Your Love Back

Win your love back

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It slipped away before you had a chance to realize what was happening. It seems like everything happened so quickly, like a tornado that came out of nowhere and destroyed everything that the two of you had worked so hard at building. The results were devastating. Now you are left walking through the rubble trying to find out if there is anything worth saving. Winning your love back is going to be a huge challenge.

What can be saved

To try and win your love back, first look to see if there is anything able to be salvaged. Look through all that remains, take a hard look at everything and see the damage that was done. It could be that the damage due to the break up was too much and there really isn't anything left to save. Hopefully, this is not the case but, unfortunately, it is true many times.

Is it worth it

Also take a critical look at everything and see if trying to win your love back is even something that you want to even try and do. Winning your love back is going to be hard work and you just went through an exhausting time in your life.

Does it make sense to try and put these pieces of the failed romance and/or marriage back together? Will you just be banging your head against the wall? Do they even want to try and work with you or even want to win your love back?

Ask yourself these hard questions

. It could save you a lot of added and unnecessary grief.

Leave the bad stuff behind

Now, once you have decided that it is worth it to try and win your love back, clean up. Get rid of all the things that cluttered up your life and made it difficult. This is a great chance to go in and take only what was good about your love and leave behind the bad stuff. If there was something that complicated things between the two of you, leave it behind.

You really need to focus your energy on building on the more solid foundations of your love. 
What was it that made your love special? What were the best things about your love? What was it that made it special and really makes you want to win your love back? Focus on these things and use them as the cornerstone and foundation of winning your love back.

Make it stronger

One mistake that many make when they want to rebuild a relationship is that they try and rebuild it exactly the way it was before it started falling apart. The truth is, if it wasn't strong enough to withstand the storms that came the first time, it won't be strong the next time. Try to build it better than it was before. Don't live in the past, build on the good things and leave behind the things that made what you have weak enough to be destroyed. Win your love back and make it stronger than ever before.

If you would like some more great information on how to win your love back.....
I have a friend named T. W. Jackson. T Dub authored a simple, down to earth step by step guide called The Magic Of Making Up.  Take a look I think you'll like it.