Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it Possible For Me and My Ex to Get Back Together?

Breaking up with someone you care deeply about can be very depressing. But the feelings of sadness and loneliness do not mean that it's the end of the world. It is possible to rekindle a relationship. Do you want to heal quickly and get right back into that relationship with your ex? Well if you do, you have to be totally honest with yourself and make a decision. Is getting back together what you need to make you happy again? Or will the very same issues that broke you up arise again. You'll need to honestly and objectively think about the good times and the bad times. Weigh the pros and cons and search deep for the answer.

Actually, most broken relationships can be mended. Unless your ex is verbally or physically abusive. If your partner is mentally unstable, you're just looking for trouble. This is no time for denial. This is known as a toxic relationship. You are better off moving on swiftly and completely. Provided your relationship was not toxic, and you are sure that the two of you are meant for each other, you can start the mending process.

If you are serious about getting your ex back, give him or her some breathing space. No calling, emailing, texting constantly or stalking. That really makes you look desperate and pathetic. Be confident. Don't let them see you moping around looking like some lost puppy. Put the gloom and doom attitude behind you. Find something to keep you busy and happy. Show him or her that you are strong and confident. And that you are capable of handling the break up just fine.

Yesterday is gone. you can't go back in time. No matter how much you think you want to. You have to focus on the present. Don't fuss and fight with them about what happened in the past. That's history, move on! Get together with friends and family. Take time to get over the pain and by the same token, give your ex time also. If you back off for a while, it will give your ex a chance to miss you. As time goes by, your minds will clear. Clear minds will contribute greatly to your reconciliation.

Keep yourself socially active. Join your friends out on the town. Surround yourself with people with positive attitudes. Hang out with your best buds and have some fun. Even go out on a date or two. You don't have to get serious about anyone, just have some good clean fun. You could even find a hobby or take some classes. Maybe join a group of some sort. Like a wilderness or hiking group. Whatever you want. Be a social butterfly.

Possibly the most important factor in the getting back together process is maintaining a good appearance. If you go around looking and smelling like an old muddy hound dog, nobody will will want to be near you. Pay attention to your looks. You will want to look as good or better than you did when you two first met. Do whatever it takes. If you've put on a few pounds - take a few off. It might be time to update your wardrobe. Women should fix their hair and work on their makeup and nails, whatever it takes. The main objective here is, whether you're a guy or a gal, is to be attractive to other people.Your ex should really start paying attention to you now. And start to realize just how much they really miss you and how much they yearn to have you back with them.

Most of the time getting back together with an ex is definitely possible. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes not so much. I have gathered up a bunch of pretty insightful articles on getting your ex back. Look them over. I think they could be helpful.

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